ShaderGen and MaterialXView


ShaderGen is a dynamic shader generation system that can build and compile complete OSL or GLSL shaders from MaterialX nodegraphs. A key component of ShaderGen is a set of Physically Based Shading nodes, which can be used in conjunction with Standard Library nodes to create complex layered energy-conserving surface, volume and emissive shaders for offline or realtime/viewport rendering.

For much more information about ShaderGen components and how ShaderGen works, please see the ShaderGeneration page on the MaterialX GitHub.

MaterialX Viewer

Complementing ShaderGen is a simple standalone Viewer application for MaterialX content. MaterialXView uses ShaderGen with a NanoGUI interface to build GLSL shaders of MaterialX nodegraphs, which can be bound with a selected MaterialX material and applied to geometry defined in .obj format; standard geometries including a sphere, teapot and cutaway shaderball object are included in the distribution, as are a number of example materials based on the StandardSurface shader.