Developer Reference

Developer Reference Documentation

In the MaterialX Distribution

The MaterialX Distribution currently includes:

  • Cross-platform C++ source code for the library with C++ and Python bindings:
    • Core MaterialX Library for MaterialX elements, graph generation and graph traversal
    • XML serialization and file accessor utilities
    • ShaderGen code generators and data for GLSL and OSL
    • The MaterialXRender hardware renderer
    • The MaterialXView viewer
    • Automated unit test suite
  • CMake files supporting compilation on Windows (Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or newer), Linux (GCC 4.8 or newer), or Mac OS X (Xcode/Clang 3.3 or newer)
  • Documentation, including the current specification and developer guides
  • Mtlx definition files and OSL source code for pattern and shader nodes
  • Various resources for creating and rendering MaterialX content, including XML syntax example files and example materials, images, and geometry.