Contributing to MaterialX

How to Contribute

Contributor License Agreement

Before contributing code to MaterialX, we ask that you sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). There are two possible CLAs available for download:

  1. Lucasfilm-MaterialX_CLA-Corp.pdf: please sign this one for corporate use
  2. Lucasfilm-MaterialX_CLA-Individual.pdf: please sign this one if you're an individual contributor


Once your CLA is signed, send it to (please include your GitHub username) and wait for confirmation that we've received it. After that, you can submit pull requests.


Contribution Workflow

Before you begin working on a bug fix or new feature, post an issue on GitHub to let folks know about the feature or bug that you found, and mention that you intend to work on it. That way, if someone else is working on a similar project, you can collaborate, or you can get early feedback which can sometimes save time.


When you do begin your work, create a fork into your own private repository and work from there.


Full instructions on how to contribute may be found in the file at the root of the materialx git repository.


MaterialX Authors, Developers and Contributors

The MaterialX project originated at Lucasfilm in 2012, and was developed as a collaboration between Industrial Light & Magic and the Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group, with contributions from Autodesk, Pixar, The Foundry, and the Open Shading Language team.

MaterialX Specification:

  • Doug Smythe - Industrial Light & Magic
  • Jonathan Stone - Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group

Lead Developer:

  • Jonathan Stone - Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group

Additional Developers:

  • Autodesk:
    • Niklas Harrysson
    • Bernard Kwok
    • Ashwin Bhat
    • Jonathan Feldstein
  • Adobe:
    • David Larsson
  • Nvidia:
    • Lutz Kettner
    • Jan Jordan
  • Lucasfilm:
    • Madeleine Yip
    • Will Muto
    • David Bullock
    • Andrew Meshekoff
    • Masuo Suzuki
  • Open Shading Language
    • Larry Gritz
    • Derek Haase
    • Adam Martinez

Additional Contributions:

Eric Bourque

Alister Chowdhury

Dieter De Baets

Haarm-Pieter Duiker

Laura Evangelista

Adam Ferrall-Nunge

Sebastian Grassia

Jack Greasley

Ben Grimes

Örn Gunnarsson

Naty Hoffman

Malcolm Humphreys

Yoon Bae Kim

Matt Koehler

Matthew Lausch

Anders Lindqvist

Karen Lucknavalai

Olivier Maury

Andre Mazzone

Nikola Milosevic

Robert Molholm

Bekah Noulles

Tauni Oxborrow

Davide Pesare

Nick Porcino

Indy Ray

Kai Rohmer

Rachel Rose

Brian Savery

Chris Schoeneman

Matthias Sharfenberg

Kirk Shimano

Kevin Wooley

Special Thanks To:

Rob Bredow

David Brickhill

Francois Chardavoine

Roger Cordes

John Gaeta

Andrew Grant

Ed Hanway

Polly Ing

Hilmar Koch

Hayden Landis

Kim Libreri

Guido Quaroni